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Bumablog.net. Read Burma in a Blog.

Our Vision

Burmablog.net is a site for news and opinions that is driven by the commitment of Burmese bloggers and and the desire to present their voices.

Behind burmablog.net stand people who believe in the power and relevance of citizen media for the development of genuine democracy, justice and equality in Burma, both now and when the people of Burma will have the freedom to shape their own future. We observed the paramount importance of citizen media for news reporting and public discussion during past crises in and around Burma and seek to support them in their work.

On burmablog.net we seek to deliver relevant, critical and high quality content written by those who feel and think Burma every day. Our authors report about the situation inside Burma, about Burma in the global context, and about the lives of those who have left the country as migrants (of their own choice) or as refugees. We wish to foster a plurality of views and to connect Burmese thinkers and writers to the world.

Burmablog.net is not trying to be a substitute for independent and professional Burmese journalism. Nor does it consider itself a competitor to the Burmese blogosphere – the multitude of blogs on the web.

Rather, it seeks

  • to provide a platform for Burmese bloggers to present selected content
  • to raise global awareness about the Burma issue in an attractive presentation
  • to serve as gateway to the multitude of Burmese blogs
  • to contribute to the development of citizen media for the benefit of Burma and to invest in the capacity of its contributors

Burmablog.net wants to be a source of first-hand knowledge for Burmese and non-Burmese alike.

We are aware that burmablog.net presents only a small scope of the blogs related to Burma, which is considerably shaped by the views of our authors and editors and cannot therefore represent the whole landscape of opinions. We hope, however, to fill a void that we feel has emerged in the rise of new media between professional journalist publications and the vast field of self-run blogs.

note: We prefer to use in English the name Burma rather than Myanmar until legitimate representatives of the country’s people decide in favour of the latter name.

This project is momentarily financed by the founder who hopes to be able one day to cover the expenses from advertising, grants and donations. If you see any possibility to help us, please let us know!
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This site is part of a non-profit project initiated by the NGO Burma Center Prague.


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