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Are you a blogger?

Although we see the burmablog.net primarily as a site from Burmese bloggers, we also encourage other individuals to register if their first-hand knowledge and commitment to the welfare of Burma is comparable.

What we offer

  • You have the opportunity to take part in this exciting new project.
  • We offer you a space to publish on a dedicated site on Burma and reach an international readership, and that for free.
  • We assist you with formatting your articles and finding good images.
  • If you have only bad access to Internet from where you live, you can send us the text in other forms and we publish it under your name.
  • Proofreading of your texts, if resources are available.

What we ask from you

In order to come as close to our vision as possible, we request our authors to abide by the following rules:

  • Authors represent their own and individual views. We are not a promotional platform for organizations, groups, or political parties.
  • Texts, images and videos must be the authors’ own creations.
  • All texts, images and videos must have a journalistic character. We do not publish fictional works or poetry.
  • Authors are committed to the promotion of truth. Exceptions are admissible only where names have to be altered as a necessary precaution to protect the identity of the author or people depicted for their safety.
  • We highly value the use of speech and imagery that is not discriminatory or offensive. In particular, we want to avoid offending religious sensibilities.
  • We encourage articles, images and videos on subject matter, which cannot be published inside Burma due to censorship and media’s self-censorship.
  • The editorial team of burmablog.net reserves the right to decide about publishing content on this site, about its placement, and about the form of presentation. Articles may be held back for editing in order to meet the quality standards for language. Editors reserve the right to add editorial remarks, which will be marked as such.
  • All content is published under the Creative Common license. Details can be found here. Authors in particular waive their right to remuneration.
  • Authors are solely liable for their articles, photos, and videos with respect to truthfulness of information and the adherence to laws and copyrights.
  • In the extraordinary case where an author, despite repeated warnings, gravely violates these rules or acts in contradiction to the mission of burmablog.net, its operator reserves the right to ban him/her and remove his/her articles, photos, and videos.
  • By registering to this site and submitting an article or image, authors agree to these rules. They retain, however, the right to withdraw articles without giving reasons and to cancel their names from burmablog.net whenever they wish to do so.

Of course, authors do not need to follow these rules on their own blogs or anywhere outside of burmablog.net.

We particularly encourage women to become one of our authors.

Please sign up

If you are interested to join us as author, we ask you to apply here.