“The Magic Pool” – Campaign Video for a Better Tourism in Burma
January 6, 2013 – 2:43 pm | Comments Off

This spot entitled The Magic Pool was produced in Burma by the director Moe Thorn, featuring in the main role Adam Fraser as tourist. Please watch and share!

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My Reply to So-called “Asian Values”
May 14, 2011 – 10:25 pm | Comments Off
My Reply to So-called “Asian Values”

I am not going to write about the real Asian values, the values of the people of Asia. I figure it is impossible even to grasp their variety. What I rather have in mind to …

Tags: ASEANAsian valuesBurmaChinademocracyhuman rights

Hijacking Mobile Networks: Model or Utopia?
April 16, 2011 – 12:55 pm | Comments Off
Hijacking Mobile Networks: Model or Utopia?

While hijacking aircrafts is nothing particularly fancy in the history of the Burmese democracy movement, a new form of hijacking might prove more effective – albeit less dramatic – than taking the plane. As The …

He Who Pays the Piper Calls the Tune
December 23, 2010 – 3:27 pm | One Comment
He Who Pays the Piper Calls the Tune

While academic research should be done in a way that is unbiased and transparent and that enables others to reproduce the results, it is old news that academia, just like jurisdiction, is no Garden of …

Tags: academiaChinaGermanyidealismphilosophy

The Power of Blogs to Circumvent Virtual Fire Walls
October 30, 2010 – 2:01 pm | Comments Off
The Power of Blogs to Circumvent Virtual Fire Walls

The independent Burmese media outlet Irrawaddy has yesterday reported 450,000 page views on its blog during the period of one month after its launch, although the number of unique visitors can be expected to be …

Tags: censorshipChinajournalismRussia